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oh the ironies!!!

life has a funny way
of sneaking up on you...

ironic, alanis m.

Definitely, Maybe, a film of ironies and NOT trusting THE plan :)

Just when I thought that I have my future figured out and have gotten God's approval of it, God shatters "THE PLAN" and now I am back to daily living- which is what I am supposed to do in the first place. (Matthew 6:25-34)

Just when I was convinced that I have jettisoned all my predelictions to selfish thoughts and rockstar attitude, God exposes my thought life and it's filled with all these cobwebs and so much more and now I am back to earth and a humbling place- which is where I am supposed to be in the first place. (1 Peter5: 5-8)

Just when I have concluded that I am safe from experiencing rejection, I found myself accepting one -and giving out one- both times acting in self pity and pride, and so I am back at the Cross' feet and praising the God of many chances and of pathetic libertines like me. (Job 42:6)

Just when I have interne…