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Brightstar Wonderland

Bright star! Would I were steadfast as thou art---John Keats
Sunday night, despondent from watching a childhood favorite turned into a feminist stereotype, I saw Campion's Bright Star from the comforts of my bedroom,with the musical fireworks show as background, and it dawned on me that I had no significant "musings" enough to create a thing of beauty of late.

For the past five years, my life has been a constant string of one dilemma to the next-each one gradually increasing in drama and requiring much of my attention during the day that my nights are spent not in creating an art form but in feasting on what someone else has brilliantly created. What is awfully ironic is that the tragedies I encounter are not my own making-save for one or two admittedly.

I never thought that helping others would require so much of my thought life that my creative juices stopped flowing-if it hasn't been altogether sucked out of my being by the necessity of being logical and making le…