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Dear John

(updated version after John's first ever Manila concert on a rainy Friday October night (10.01.10)

YOU who are waiting on the world to change, you who are invincible, in this lifetime at least, had the fan in me re-born.

For the first time in more than 10 years, I was delighted that I bought a VIP ticket, and I could not help but ask myself, “Why, Liw, why?

Tuesday last, when I was trying to ask myself if I’m living my belief right, I listened to you on my ipod. Not contented, I even consumed an hour on the net hearing you sing and watching your interview-and there is nothing stupid at all about your sexy mouth.

We have many things in common, you and I: we both are good at forgetting, we plan to marry only once. Like you, I want my train to stop, even for just a pause so I could hold on to my youth for a second or two longer; I also loved Police Academy; and both our moms have told us to think before speaking. So Captain Backfire, are you looking for a first mate?

Huh! Now that …