Lomo Euro

“The world is a great book…they who never stir from home read only a page.” St. Augustine
Below the Rialto Bridge, Venezia, Italia

Lomography is a type of art photography in which color is emphasized. Traditionally, toy cameras are used to create strange and unusual photographs. Lomographic photos are primarily characterized by vignettes (blurry and faded edges), random subjects, and non-adherence to traditional photography rules.

My recently concluded European vacation is like lomography- it is colorful, and usually in bright hues with minimal shades of black- or gray for that matter.

             Eiffel from the Seine on an early Sunday Morning, my favorite Paris time :)
           you know you are in Europe if your first meal is croissant and espresso :)

                                    my favorite hang out place in Rome, Italy

               Strasbourg in the Alsation region of France charmed its way to my heart :)

It is characterized by vignettes, as in brief incidents or scenes albeit not in a play but in real life- such as:

           siblings sharing an umbrella in front of Sta.Lucia train station, Venezia, Italia

.... Meeting a Pinay from San Francisco while waiting for our high speed train at Charles De Gaulles and sharing our food with each other; or striking a conversation with a Ph.D student from Serbia in a McDonald's at Paris' Rue Rivoli with the Musee du Louvre as our view...
the massive Wedding Feast of Canaan at The Louvre was across the Mona Lisa which was ofcourse the 'tourist attraction'

Helping couples make memorable poses by taking their pictures; meeting Tita Lita who not only took my brother and I to the Leaning Tower of Pisa but paid everything we bought there...

                      my brother and I at the Leaning Tower, Pisa,Tuscany, Italy

Engaging in conversation our seat mates in our train rides all over Italy- the two college students from Austria on a back packing trip to Spain and the sweetest couple from the Midwest on their way to Cinquetera in the Italian Riviera or the countless Pinoys we meet along the way eager to smile or engage us in conversations...

     some of the wonderful people I met on walking tours with goodbyes ending in bisous 

               this is a usual Sunday afternoon scene in Paris' many sidestreet cafes
It is random and spontaneous in the sense that my brother and I did not have a detailed plan with hours and places to see, planning our trip one day at a time, without specific agendas, yet we were able to see everything -and so much more without killing each other or getting lost or regretting that we should have done this or went that way- except for Hard Rock Venezia that is.
                                 Metro rides have never been this relaxing

                                                      jazz music on a bridge anyone? :)

                 hot goat cheese for dinner al fresco at a street cafe at St. Germain Des Pres

It is unusual and in being so, I broke the rules of traveling by not being pressured to go to places popular to tourists but those that locals go to and eat.

                                           busy La Boqueria, Barcelona Spain

Tucked in the small streets of Strasbourg is this amazing place and an introduction to tarte flambee
    Recommended by our concierge in Venezia, Italy in this place we ended up having  dinner twice

For the first time in my travels, I ended up living in a stranger's home and slept like a baby!
                                        Front Door of my Parisian Apartment
For the first time,I found myself chatting and opening up to strangers and ending up meeting new friends.
                                            train travelin' over Italy

Celebrating Fete de la Musique 2011 all over the Sorbonne area with an Australian Student named Georgia :)

                                         my Monmartre walking tour group

For the first time, I saw myself taking risks with not so popular means of accommodation and ending up in beautiful rooms.

                                       inside our beautiful Barcelona room :)

For the first time, I was really brave and took on free walking tours and ending up going to other places with strangers who I ended having dinner with as new friends:)

dinner al fresco with Kathleen, my new found friend, in one of Paris' side streets cafe

My European trip is like a lomograph- Unique.Unforgettable.Surreal.

                            first Saturday in a medievally wonderful  city of Strasbourg

                                                            At Champs!
                                                 In Barcelona, Spain

On top of Rhine River, between Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany
                                            At the Roman Forum, Rome, Italy
                                  Street sign in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

In the end, I found not only felicity but more importantly,serendipity :)

                                 with the doves at St. Mark's Square, Venezia, Italy
                       a most romantic act to do and a reason to be back in Paris for :)
                                              my Moulin Rouge moment

BUT all praises to the King of Dreams who has exceedingly and abundantly made my dreams of seeing the amazing world He created come true :)
                            magical view of Florence from Michelangelo's Place
                    a shot of the Mimran Bridge connecting France and Germany
                 one of the magical gardens inside the Chateau de Versailles, France


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