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planes and court rooms and chasing pavements

be careful what you wish for, these stars are fading out...
-the night the lights went out in NYC, Ataris-

My previous year was spent in planes and court rooms
and in a way I have come full circle
and though seeing the West and the Old World were as amazing as I thought they were,
it made me realize that what matters most are those close to home, albeit temporal in scope.

My previous year saw me praying for an alternative ending
to what I thought would be a permanent career path for me...
until I realized that in doing so, I have let go of the NOW,
in wanting a future that is yet to come and one which is
entirely beyond my control.

In the end, God answered differently than I expected but when he did,
he exceeded all that I hoped for.
a lesson in waiting on God's purposes and exercising wisdom in making decisions it was
-as opposed to deciding on an important matter based on strong feelings
or impulsively, as a way of escape/relief from the difficult circumstance

Planes an…