How To Ride a Roller Coaster

You get in
hands shaky,legs wobbly
heart beating fast.

and you give yourself tentatively
taking risk you move forward
the horizon whispering a promise...

then it begins the ride of a lifetime
slowly at first, then it races
and you close your eyes

you want to shout
you want to get out
you want to make it stop

too late for doubtful thoughts
the rhythm takes over everything
you lost control you never had

your noisy heart soaring high..

giving in this time
you willingly lose yourself
out of breath, screaming longer...

up and down you moved
twist and turns you swayed
skyline ahead til the sharp drop

reaching the heights unseen
plunging to depths previously unknown
seeing the end drawing near

you still played the part
so you scream again
smiling eyes closed, tears falling.

then everything halts in haste
your turn abruptly taken away
hopeful for more time, you linger...

you get out, hands shaky
heart beats fast, legs wobbly.
queuing for a last chance.


  1. This reminds me of the first roller coaster ride I had at EK in 2003. My hands and legs were shaky, I had increased heart rate, but I didn't want to do it again—at least not in the next few years.

  2. i heart roller coaster rides. :)


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