steep inclines and slippery slopes

I once tried standing up on my toes
to see far out in the distance,
but I found that I could see much farther
by climbing to a high place.

Xun Zi

the shoes of a wanderlust pre a very dusty climb :)

I used to be afraid of heights.
Riding the elevator made me feel dizzy if not woozy
Like I consumed alcohol at such a level that my body can't handle.
Not that I drink alcohol that much or often.
Wooziness depends on one's tolerance I guess.

But I like challenging myself.
Especially when it comes to overcoming if not conquering my fears.
So, I started small.
I rode escalators.
Over and over again, I rode escalators.

These days, heights excite me.
I'd rather be thrown/jump willfully into the abyss -as long as there is a harness protecting me
or willingly cross cliffs by zip lines
than eat a small cricket.

to conquer my fear of heights, I took The Plunge and did the Suislide at Danao, Bohol in a span of an hour!
Jump into the abyss wantonly: Check!
I climbed bell towers.
Water tanks and roofs.
Trees, hills and
rocky trails,
and most often
stairs to the 11th floor of my building
where I rest my wanderlust soul.

Lately, I have been climbing mountains.
Literally, I survived hours of uphill and downhill climbs
in places where steep inclines are the norm
and slippery slopes are a given.
Surprisingly, nothing in climbing mountains terrify me.
And knowing that a breathtaking view at the top awaits
is always worth the painful climb.

an amazing view of the Banaue Rice Terraces

a view from the highest peak of the arduous Mount Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

Still, my fearlessness in conquering my fear of heights
has yet to transcend when it comes to a different fear
that involves falling fast or slowly.
And steep inclines and slippery slopes are also a given
only that they come when I least expect them.
And waiting for the end is longer, if not harder to do.
Specially since this has been a long time coming.
And is something that my heart has forgotten to consider.
Possibilities have been jettisoned
because walls are built and set up high.
Climbing or even breaching them an improbability.
And then, the walls began to crack on their own.

Yet,it is teaching me to come and ask boldly of the Rock
...guarantees a safe passage no matter how steep the incline
...embraces me with a love higher than any mountain. Higher than I.
Hiked through every peak in this view :)

It is teaching me
to cleave to my compassionate Burden Bearer
who will catch me no matter how many times I trip or fall
along the slippery lines and pathways of this very new climb
I find myself in.

In the end, it is in overcoming steep inclines and
navigating slippery slopes, that I will grow
and gain the courage to conquer my other fears...
to dive or not to dive...

or try climbing the higher mountain
on the horizon.

or simply be not terrified of turning at the next corner...
one of the many adorable sights one is guaranteed along the way of a climb
yes, that is a white dog in the midst of the path
and a horse too...

and people carrying different kinds of load on their shoulders!

or allow myself the freedom to see what's around the bend,

on a coffee fast since February 23, finding Mountain Dew at Peak 8 was such a treat for my caffeine and sleep deprived body on this climb :)
a star pose seemed appropriate at that time :)

This time
even without walls to protect me...

So, just you wait wonders of the deep dark blue ocean.
Just you wait.


  1. It's amazing how the wonders of creation can be used as metaphors about the God who made them.

    I'm assuming these are the photos you once thought got lost, Ate Liw. Parang pang-National Geographic ang iba sa kanila, especially the man carrying the child.

    1. Amen :) Thanks for the compliment Lance @ :)


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