storylines & ever after

"There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

PROLOGUE: The Sovereign Writer is in charge of my storyline.
I know that like stories, my life's plot(s) and subplots can change in the middle
or have disappointing climax...
but because I am on the Perfect Hero's side,
a happy ending awaits me, even if the story unfolds ever so slowly.

Stories are my first love. My parents made an introduction when I was barely 5.
I fell for stories instantly- they provided for me an escape when I was younger.
Stories opened a safe haven for a gullible, insecure and lost child that I once was.
In the land of stories, I was anything and everything I want to be.

My imagination was kindled when I learned about Jack and him
climbing a giant beanstalk,
and Gulliver being trapped in a land called Lilliput;
My childhood daydreams consisted of fairies and castles and
following my own Mr. Rabbit.
A sleeping princess being awakened by the kiss of her one true love
impressed upon me at an early age that
there is a happy ending to every love story.

I consumed stories like a glutton consumed food.
Fairy tales and pulp fiction.
Classics and novels.
Austen and Grisham.
Cameron and Spielberg.
Dr. Seuss and W.H.Auden.
Stories about bridges and finding love- at wartime,during an epidemic,& even when everything is falling apart-or being blown away...
Kite runners and Time Travelers.
Fantasy and History.
East and West.
North and South.
Monochromed stories told silently.
Stories with subtitles in vibrant colors.
Rocky and Flashdance.
Even Bill and Ted's and the girl with the 16 candles--
although lately, I'm more into girls with tats and those who began a revolution :)

Stories opened my eyes to the reality that the world does not revolve around me....
that it is actually huge and filled with possibilities.
Stories early on aroused a lust in me
to travel, wander and explore.
Stories stirred my heart towards a career in law.
They inspired me to seriously consider a career in
public interest/human rights- even if it meant not ever winning a Palanca
or writing that best selling novel.
More importantly, stories taught me how to feel,
hope for something better...

But sadly, storylines are not as simple as a kiss.
Because stories are but a mirror of
the world we live in.
Even the unique worlds created by Lewis, Tolkien, Martin or Lucas resonate with pain.
Specially at the Hunger Games.
Suffering. Anguish.
Turmoil. Conflict.
Broken hearts.
Shattered dreams.
Longings unfulfilled.
Hopes splintered.
With unresolved resolutions in the end.

What makes the redemption story of the Gospel unique then is that in the midst of all that is conflicted and chaotic in this world,
my storyline, which begins with my redemption and adoption by a Great King
and my entrance to His Kingdom through His Rightful Merciful Heir,
gives me the privilege of participating in the unfolding story of human history.
Understanding this most important plot-that the main storyline is not actually about me- provides me with a different perspective on the important subplots in my own life.

Before, I always wish/aim for a perfect ending.
But now I’ve learned (most often the hard way)
that like some poems that do not rhyme,
and like some stories that do not have a clear beginning,  middle, and end,
My life's unknowns can be viewed not as bitter variables but as delicious ambiguities instead.

So, as for you and I, no matter how our storyline ends,
we can rejoice because,like the Psalmist, we know
that the God who is Lord over our lives is good
and He will fulfill His purposes for us.
His steadfast love endures forever,
He will not forsake the work of His hands.

And ever hopeful, may the elements of the storyline He is writing for us include:
Running forward.
Falling back.
Grace overwhelming.
Cleared paths colliding. Again.
Running back.
Love all-consuming.
Coming back.
Meeting halfway.
Somewhere. Somehow.
Ever after.


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