daisies and pews

My faith lies somewhere between daisies and pews
so Katie Herzig's song goes.

Yet here I am making sense of all the sad news...

In the past eleven months, my world has been turned upside down---

--by a revered person's abrupt leaving,
bringing myself to take courage and act bravely
even though I just wanted to curl up like a little child
when there's lightning and thunderstorms.

---of saying farewell to people who a year ago I have never heard of,
but who in the year that followed were suddenly my beloved(s).
Though I tried to stay away,
they opened their lives and shared their faith openly;
Pulled me into their circle (un)wittingly
and so I learned grace
in daily relationships.

---due to the death of a loved one
who was almost always a fixture in my life.
Leaving broken hearts with her passing
-young and old hearts-
missing her everyday.

---by having been disappointed
as a hopeful friendship
ends in silence and confusion
and grief--like I never knew the person
I opened my life and
spent hours chalking my thoughts to.

In his book on Psalm 27(A SHELTER in the time OF STORM: meditations on God and trouble), Paul David Tripp concluded that there are many mysteries to this moment in our lives that we will never solve. And in these past months God has taught me-first hand- two things that according to Tripp we know for sure: (1) we really do live in a fallen world-the world we live in simply is not operating the way God intended BUT (2) There is a God of AWESOME grace who meets his children in moments of darkness and difficulty.

He is worth running to.
He is worth waiting for.

"So we wait for the Lord---
to restore us to that place.

Bright Son
pure love
unfettered peace
unstained beauty
God and man
together forever.
Until that day,
with hearts
that are strong
and hope that is undimmed
and joy that embraces the future,
We wait for the Lord
." Paul David Tripp on Psalm 27:14


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