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steep inclines and slippery slopes

I once tried standing up on my toes
to see far out in the distance,
but I found that I could see much farther
by climbing to a high place.

Xun Zi

I used to be afraid of heights.
Riding the elevator made me feel dizzy if not woozy
Like I consumed alcohol at such a level that my body can't handle.
Not that I drink alcohol that much or often.
Wooziness depends on one's tolerance I guess.

But I like challenging myself.
Especially when it comes to overcoming if not conquering my fears.
So, I started small.
I rode escalators.
Over and over again, I rode escalators.

These days, heights excite me.
I'd rather be thrown/jump willfully into the abyss -as long as there is a harness protecting me
or willingly cross cliffs by zip lines
than eat a small cricket.

to conquer my fear of heights, I took The Plunge and did the Suislide at Danao, Bohol in a span of an hour! I climbed bell towers. Water tanks and roofs. Trees, hills and rocky trails, and most often stairs to the 11th floor o…