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storylines & ever after

"There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

PROLOGUE:The Sovereign Writer is in charge of my storyline.
I know that like stories, my life's plot(s) and subplots can change in the middle
or have disappointing climax...
but because I am on the Perfect Hero's side,
a happy ending awaits me, even if the story unfolds ever so slowly.

Stories are my first love. My parents made an introduction when I was barely 5.
I fell for stories instantly- they provided for me an escape when I was younger.
Stories opened a safe haven for a gullible, insecure and lost child that I once was.
In the land of stories, I was anything and everything I want to be.

My imagination was kindled when I learned about Jack and him
climbing a giant beanstalk,
and Gulliver being trapped in a land called Lilliput;
My childhood daydreams consisted of fairies and castles and
following my own Mr. Rabbit.
A sleeping princess being awakened by the kiss of her one true l…