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daisies and pews

My faith lies somewhere between daisies and pews
so Katie Herzig's song goes.

Yet here I am making sense of all the sad news...

In the past eleven months, my world has been turned upside down---

--by a revered person's abrupt leaving,
bringing myself to take courage and act bravely
even though I just wanted to curl up like a little child
when there's lightning and thunderstorms.

---of saying farewell to people who a year ago I have never heard of,
but who in the year that followed were suddenly my beloved(s).
Though I tried to stay away,
they opened their lives and shared their faith openly;
Pulled me into their circle (un)wittingly
and so I learned grace
in daily relationships.

---due to the death of a loved one
who was almost always a fixture in my life.
Leaving broken hearts with her passing
-young and old hearts-
missing her everyday.

---by having been disappointed
as a hopeful friendship
ends in silence and confusion
and grief--like I never knew the person
I opened…