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Here’s to the twilight
here’s to the memories
these are my souvenirs
my mental pictures of everything

I close my eyes and go back in time

I can see you’re smiling, you’re so alive
we were so young, we had no fear
we were so young, we had no idea
that life was just happening
life was just happening

Here’s to your bright eyes

shining like fireflies
these are my souvenirs
the memory of a lifetime...--- Souvenirs, Switchfoot

On February 16, 2013, we buried my dad. He died on the 10th after a short battle with cancer.

The hardest moment was when they were about to close his casket to take him away from the house I grew up in. Forever.
I was flooded with memories.
Surprisingly, the images that flashed were only the good ones.

My first bike ride with him along Manila Bay at night.

Us running early in the morning with my cousin, who at 4 then, should still be sleeping. 

My own copy of Gulliver's Travels.

Him playing John Denver
and the turntable where we played vinyl records over and over.

The soccer ball he g…