1st quarter's miles and myths...

The best myth baptizes your imagination so that you actually have the capacity for wanting something that you can even know what it is and you can finally put a name to it. C.S. Lewis
The first quarter of 2014 was all about….


THAILAND  in January

Early morning mist: my view for two cold weeks
A beautiful sunset never gets old

My running path 
At the historic River Kwai, July 28 and Song of Solomon took on a new meaning ...

DAVAO in early February 

Mount Apo beckoning from way up in the air!

 PALAWAN in late February 

happy feet!
Island getaway to celebrate my mom's retirement and 65th birthday
An empty lap pool means I get to burn calories consumed!

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”  Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!"
I could not have said it better. From: The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories
The purpose of this little book is to imaginatively reflect on the real experiences of real people in the Bible in order to help you grasp and live what it means to "trust in the LORD with all your heart, and...not lean on your own understanding." Its goal is to help you believe in Jesus while living in a very confusing and painful world---John Bloom, Not By Sight

You might say I specialize in difficult characters. Damaged, disturbed, or downright nasty. Personally, I love each and every one of the misfits, losers, and outcasts in my three novels. My supporting characters are meth tweakers, truck-stop strippers, backwoods grifters ...But it's my narrators who are the real challenge---Gillian Flynn
The book that is teaching me  about EUCHARISTEO 
I need to be ambushed, caught unawares, like some sort of feral love-jackal. I'm too self-conscious otherwise.---Amy  (or a version of myself in the same context)
Re reading this precious liberating book on prayer
 I once heard someone say that books don't change people-sentences do. If I glean two or three sentences from a book that affect the way I think and the way I live, that's time well invested. So I read. What I know will always be dwarfed by what I don't know. So I read---Bob Kauflin

 ONLINE READINGS: God's DAILY dose of mercies (clicking on the title below takes you to each article…)

The Bible Reading Plan for Slackers and Shirkers. GRACE. 

When God says WAIT. PATIENCE.

Is EVERYTHING sad going to be untrue? HOPE.

To love at all is to be VULNERABLE. RISK.

Doses of Solid Truth from John Piper. JOY. 

24/7. FAITH.

and then I also

 Re-discovered this U2 song...

Participated in a modern day "Pamamanhikan", a Filipino tradition for engaged couples--- meeting of parents and close families and "formally" asking the hand of the girl  from her parents. Only this is the modern day version: Starbucks in hand. Restaurant inside a mall. Girl has already previously said yes. If I ever fall in love, I just might runaway and avoid the stress of it all! BUT

Love Wins. 

Attended a wedding where the couple overcame long distance and age gap :) 

My mom talking to my brother's fiance's parents

Passion Conference Manila 2014

Fresh out of  law school, I read about his story
and I knew I was meant to be a lawyer for so much more.

The deep lavish  grace of a holy God is available for the sinner and the saint---Louie Giglio on The Prodigal Son

 Found new places to dine

I am unabashedly a breakfast kinda gal :)  At Pi Breakfast and Pies 
I run to eat! Saturday early morning run + good friends as running mates + amazing breakfast food :) 

In downtown Davao lies this old house serving French cuisine.

Made new memories in this old familiar place.

My first bangers and mash at MURPHY's with my fave red head :) 
Possibly the coolest coffee place in a 2k radius from my workplace 

Finally! My lunchgetaways with workfriends led me to The Collective.
Dessert overload at the Sofitel Manila's Spiral lunch buffet
Went back to healthy cooking and calorie counting
Healthy Options is the calorie counting girl's bestfriend :)
I never thought I will  fall in love with veggies and brown pasta like I did:)
Goodbye daily planning/cooking! Hello pre packed 1200 calories/day meals :)
Shared God stories with friends over great food and coffee
My pre Valentine date at Stella, a bistro filled with surprises!
Wildflour is for espresso and bread lovers and God talks 

The coolest trainer in the humanitarian world

…and the coolest classmates 

Met new friends
Friendship begins with two words: You TOO?! Working towards a common goal helps too. :)  

...and explored dangerous places together. 

After almost 5 years, I saw the streets of Bangkok again with new friends--at the height of the protests!

Went back to old school journal writing using this 2014 Starbucks Planner Journal!

with a coffee bean bookmark!

Religion should be “something that’s so devastatingly beautiful it can break your heart." Nadia Bolz-Weber
And one Sunday morning in February, in front of about 200 plus people, my silly, undeserving, unfaithful self, spoke about the grace of God and how, by a miracle of faith and mercy, I still can say, "God will fulfill His purpose for me! (Psalm 57:2)." Listen to ordinary people's challenge to remain devoted to God inspite of their life's struggles and pains by clicking on this link: This One Endeavor  (My own story starts at the 41:50 minute)

Finally, I get to wake up early enough to see the sunrise. And I agree immediately with C.S. Lewis: There are far far better things ahead than any I leave behind.


  1. I loved Not By Sight (Jon Bloom). I finished it a week ago, I think. One of the best reads I'll probably have this year.

    Loving the photos, Ate. I love seeing snippets from your travels. It is as if I get to travel, too.


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