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starting fresh in the middle of hard

It Is Well with My Soul - Jimmy Needham featuring John Piper from Desiring God on Vimeo.
Lesson from a Resurrection service:The Resurrection allows me to live with a sense of risk and adventure, because it makes me part of a new order of creation that ultimately cannot fail - my life is grounded in Someone who reigns in eternal victory - Chris Tiegreen

ALL Words and pictures below by Ann  Voskamp 
Here’s snow in the middle of Holy Week. A dusting, a sugar snow, an Easter snow. As if the whole smashed world is intent on freezing. Doing whatever it takes, over and over again, to stay numbed to the burn of the pain.

Because somebody’s beloved kid had a womb scraped out to get rid of a kid. As if a family tree can be conveniently cut up. A 14-year-old boy shoots himself right through and two mothers gasp for air and the funeral is for Good Friday. Try breathing through that. Try walking to Easter and resurrection with that. A man I’ve known since we were kids, he tells me depression has sapp…